Growing Opportunities

        Nursing is a profession that offers you a stable job and a good career with an attractive pay packet. You can join as a Staff Nurse in the Government, Private and Corporate sector hospitals. If you are a degree holder in nursing, you can be a Nurse Administrator, Nurse Consultant, Nurse Advocate, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Clinician, Nurse Specialist, or Nurse Practitioner. You can also be a Community Health Nurse, District Public Health Nurse, Community Health Officer, or a nurse in Dispensaries, Clinics, and Health Centers. In mid-level management jobs, you can be a Theatre Nurse Specialist, Nurse Anesthetist, Cardiac Nurse, or Neonatal Nurse. On the administrative side, you can join Nursing Schools and Colleges as an Instructor or a Tutor and go on to become the college Principal. In industries, you can join as an Industrial Nurse.